Blue Guardian Rear View Safety Mirror

I was pleasantly surprised at how large it was..
~Amazon Customer

It’s  a must have as a mom!
~Amazon Customer

Mischief Managed.

Backseat Mayhem?  We have the solution.





This is clearly a job for our Blue Guardian Rearview Mirror – a Mom’s best friend!


Benefits for You & Benefits for Baby

Blue Guardian Anti-Glare Blue Tint Flat Rear View Mirror PLUS a Panoramic Baby / Toddler Mirror for Forward Facing Car Seats | Clip-On Universal Fit | Mimics Auto-Dimming Anti-Dazzle by DaffaDoot : Baby

  • Stop Touching Me! Give It back! Woof! - If you have children, this commotion probably sounds familiar. But if your driving, you can't properly "assess the situation!" That's where the Blue Guardian mirror does its magic. See who is poking who, who may have unbuckled their seat belts, and why Fido is woofing...all with a simple glance up into the perfectly positioned panoramic child view mirror.
  • Don't Sabotage Your Safety - Trying to use a single mirror for both your rear view driving and for watching precious cargo in the backseat is a recipe for disaster. Blue Guardian allows you to leave your rear view exactly where it is supposed to be and still supervise backseat activities. Plus, its expanded size minimizes blind spots, its

Here's how we measures up:

Anti-glare Blue mirror

Panoramic Child Mirror.


One Final Note: Cultivate the Future of Humanity.

 Every purchase of a DaffaDoot product helps us to support the many organizations to which we freely donate our time and money. This includes the Metro United Way (whose vision is to shape our future by changing the odds for our kids, battered women, and the elderly), KY Hands (a state-side home visiting program for pregnant moms-to-be and new parents, supporting them through their pregnancy and through the first two years of the baby's life), and FIRST, a global organization for children K-12 designed to inspire using Math & Science, and teach them to appreciate the World's people and resources. Bottom line, by purchasing DaffaDoot products, you too are helping to inspire young minds into becoming the thought leaders of tomorrow.

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