Rear Facing Car Seat Baby Mirror

This DaffaDoot mirror is absolutely the best! The ability to firmly attach it, pivot, swivel, and tilt to position is amazing! She can see my face as I’m driving, smiles, babbles and waves at me! I’ll be getting two more!
~Amazon Customer


And the wheels on your car go round and round as you and your new baby drive around town.

Traveling with children can be fun, both for them and for you. But it can also be stressful, because not only do you have the normal responsibilities associated with driving, you have the additional demands of care-giving. And when Baby is screaming at the top of his lungs, even the strongest of heart begin grinding their teeth.

Simplify your driving with the help of the DaffaDoot Back Seat Safety Mirror. Gone are the days where you fret over whether baby has spit up, has lost his binkie, or had his cap slip down over his eyes. With just a quick glance into the mirror, you can gain back your peace of mind and see that everything is wonderful. Maybe, you’ll even be rewarded with baby flashing you that gorgeous grin!

Benefits for Both You and Baby

Think about the possibilities for both you and your baby. Infants should remain rear-facing for about two years, and you will do a lot of driving during that period of time. Once in a while, you will have the good fortune to be riding with another adult, and they can sit in the backseat and keep an eye on Baby. But most of the time, it will simply be you and your little one, and the only view you will have of Baby is the back of his car seat. With a Back Seat Baby Mirror and a split-second glance into the mirror, you can be comforted in knowing that Baby is doing great.

As for Baby…One of the first things your newborn will focus on is “You”, specifically your face and your eyes, and it will bring your little one comfort and joy simply by looking at you. Our mirror is one of the largest on the market, which means that when you can see Baby, Baby can see you! And as everyone knows, happy babies mean happier car rides.

“I can make eye contact with my baby boy. He’s really delighted to see himself and Mommy in the rear-view mirror. He thinks it’s funny to make faces at me.”

Priority on Safety – Priority on Quality

We take our responsibilities to you and your baby seriously, so we designed the safest and highest quality mirror we could deliver. For this reason, the DaffaDoot Rear Seat Baby Mirror features a lightweight frame and a shatterproof reflective surface. It’s certified Cadmium and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) free, so there aren’t any (toxic) plastic smells. And finally, we hired an independent lab to run a crash test. We’re very proud of our product, and delighted to offer it to you.

Rich In Features / Super-Simple Installation

A “Must Have” for parents and grandparents alike.

DaffaDoot’s goal is to help parents “Work Smarter, Not Harder,” and our baby rear seat mirror does just that. It’s feature-rich, larger than other brands, and gives a perfect head-to-toe view of your baby. Its versatile pivoting ability gives you absolute control over the viewing angle. In fact, with its superior reflection, large wide-angle view, and versatile pivoting ability, you can mount it onto the headrest directly behind the driver, and still have a beautiful view of your infant in the center of the car. This eliminates the problem of not having a center headrest!

Installation is a snap, and our mirror mounts onto any adjustable headrest in a few quick minutes.

Our mirror comes fully assembled, so you won’t need any tools and there aren’t any tricky pieces to snap together. Simply place the mirror onto the headrest, wrap the first set of straps completely around the top and bottom of the headrest and snap in the back. Then wrap the second set of straps completely around the headrest from left to right, and snap in the back. Adjust to the perfect viewing angle and you are finished! It’s that easy.

Put simply, the DaffaDoot Back Seat Baby Mirror is designed to help you give your baby the attention they need, make car rides a happy time, and help you gain peace of mind.


One Final Note: Cultivate the Future of Humanity.

Every purchase of a DaffaDoot product helps us to support the many organizations to which we freely donate our time and money. This includes the Metro United Way (whose vision is to shape our future by changing the odds for our kids, battered women, and the elderly), KY Hands (a state-side home visiting program for pregnant moms-to-be and new parents, supporting them through their pregnancy and through the first two years of the baby’s life), and FIRST, a global organization for children K-12 designed to inspire using Math & Science, and teach them to appreciate the World’s people and resources. Bottom line, by purchasing DaffaDoot products, you too are helping to inspire young minds into becoming the thought leaders of tomorrow.

Thank You.



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Before you buy any rear facing car seat baby mirror, ensure that it is safe. We’ve posted our Baby Car Mirror Crash Test Results Video below, proving that when you attach a DaffaDoot Back Seat Baby Mirror, it stays attached, even in an accident.