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The Home for smart parenting solutions for raising your little one.
At DaffaDoot, we understand how difficult it is to properly raise babies and toddlers, whether it’s tackling that mountain of laundry, or trying to stay one step ahead of trouble, or running errands without packing the entire household into the diaper bag.
Your day is filled with aggravations, obstacles, and too much to do with too little time to do it… but all of that stress is unimportant when you make eye contact with your little one and are rewarded with a big toothless grin. Or maybe it’s that moment where you stop for just a second and gaze down on their little sleeping face. Your baby trusts you explicitly, takes comfort in your presence, and loves the look of your face. And as parents, it’s our job to make sure that they are happy and healthy and they know how much we love them.
Because even while raising a little one can be one the most exhausting things we do, it is also the most rewarding.
That’s why DaffaDoot offers ways for conscientious parents to Work Smarter, Not Harder. We help you find the time to enjoy the “little” moments, and to make your job easier. We’re in tune to what you need, because we have “been there, done that.” DaffaDoot is owned and operated by a Mother/Daughter team, and we will always be a company that wants nothing but the best for our customers.
We are dedicated to you and your little one, and consistently strive to bring you the best products we can,while providing you the best customer service on the planet.  We are on a mission to improve the lives of all we can reach, whether this is through our products or through the organizations where we donate our time and money.  We proudly give and support great organizations such as FIRST, (a global organization for children K-12 designed to inspire using Math & Science, and teach them to appreciate the World’s people and resources), Kentucky HANDS (a statewide home visiting program for pregnant moms-to-be and new parents to support them through their pregnancy and through the first two years of their baby’s life), and Metro United Way (their vision is to shape our future by changing the odds for our kids, battered women, and the elderly).
We do all this and never forget who our “real” customers are… it’s your little sons and daughters.
Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and let us know what we can do for you. And please, don’t forget to enjoy the little moments life has to offer.

Pam & Polly
The DaffaDoot Team